Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The holiday is upon us again, but this time we will rejoice in the gift of FRAG!
For those not n the know:

What is Winter-een-mas?
Winter-een-mas is a holiday of sorts. More specifically, it is a celebration of video games and the people that play them. Video games allow us to do things, go places, see stuff, that we couldn't do in real life. They can be an escape from reality, a release after a long day, a fun activity with friends, or just an enjoyable way to pass time. They give us a lot of entertainment. So why shouldn't they be celebrated?

When exactly is Winter-een-mas?
Winter-een-mas lasts for a whole week, which is always the very last week in January, the 25th through the 31st. The entire month of January constitutes the Winter-een-mas season, very similar to the "christmas season", where people begin to gear up for the holiday, and get into the spirit of things.
(Started on CTRL-ALT-DEL)

So whos up for some online console fragfesting?
get out there enjoy your gamers and rejoice!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Saturday Morning/Night Sunday

My weekend was awesome!
(there were a few personal bumps and evil people trying to destroy everything but hey that happens)
Woke up Saturday morning and the kids were tired from the night before (they had thier 3rd annual Halloween in august costume party which was damn cool) so me and Regina laid in bed cuddlin and that led to SOME SERIOUSLY AWESOME SEX!
We did everything but whip out the toys!
I love morning sex
Just makes the day seem so much brighter! Colors pop, birds sing, and damn did I need a nap! hehe
But we had drama so we took car of that and went shopping for our BBQ the next day.
Just a little friendly get together...
I have to say that it was one of the best I have had all summer (unfortunatly a few people were missed)
Bryan, Brady and thier spouses were really cool and provided a great atmosphere.
I finally had a BBQ where there was conversation and eating (Brady is a serious food man)
and drinking (not a beer left in the house!)
and we stayed out till around midnight.
Even a skunk tryed to crash the party (I got covered in coffee for that)
Today was relaxing and I spent the day trying to occupie my wifes mind
to get it off of the past and the tragedy that occured today.
Hope i did well...
Well I am off to occupie the mind and body of the woman I love
favorite quote of the day:
"Wake Up America! Theres Sex to Be Had"
so go try some stuff!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Booth Babes....

I like video games
I like Sex
I dont like when the 2 mix at gaming conventions for no apparent reason
other then to draw attention to the product being sold,
I dont need to see a nekkid chick to convince me to try your game
give me something more,
tell me about the game
show me a clip,
or jeez at least get the nekkid people to learn about your damn game!
and with that a clip of the useless nekkid people at lepzig:

Think they play any games?

Busy boy, busy boy, busy boy...

I have had one hell of a busy summer!
Between BBQing, Video gaming, tech toy gathering, drinking, Dancing, Camping and SEX (list not in order of frequency)
I have truly out done previous summers, I think!
another summer gone and once again I have gained all the weight I lost
at least I got to hang out with brave traveling Anthony!
(even helping you move was fun!)
and through all of this I realize
I miss Brady
we had great convos on video games, bluray vs hddvd, and what it is I actually do during work!
somebody tell him to txt me so I can have his number...
(also tell him I am a serial txter and hope he has unlimited txts)
which leads to this question...(not that it has to do with me and Brady)
Has anyone every Cybertxted? (sexually)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life in the woods, in the 21st century

I am currently sitting on the porch outside a one room cabin in Elysburgh PA.
It would normally be a fun experience but on the wonderful August day
its 54 degrees and raining
maybe tommorrow will clear up and be a better experience for us,
as you can clearly see my idea of roughing it involded my power book with verizon evdo card,
iphone, and psp.
I am truly a "21st century digital boy"

Sunday, August 19, 2007

and now time to offend....

I have had enough of religion!
It has no place with its racist tendencies and warlike need to "spread the word"
we need to get it out of our Government and back into the churches where it can rule those who feel
like spending thier time with it.
Its ability to spread FUD is outrageous, and I can never under stand how people eat this up...
The catalyst behind my recent ranting outrage is the $27 Million Creation Museum in Petersburg KY.
I read and reread the name and culdnt believe it
my mind reeled in wonder and horror,
What could be in it?
I mean as far as I knew according to religion things have always been this way from day one (well after the expulsion from paradise) there hasnt been a evolution of man or animal.
so what could they have to say possibly?
Fortunalty for me: Ars takes a field trip: the Creation Museum and as usual first i looked at the pictures before reading the article and guess what I saw...
Oh man this is too much:

is that really Eve with a Velociraptor?
are you kidding me?
who is buying this crap?
The other thing that made me annoyed was this:
Atheists identified as America’s most distrusted minority
In truth I think the Atheists are less likely to blow shit up or fly planes into buildings.
Who the fuck are these people to say anything?
The same people that tryed to kill Galileo? Galileo was required to recant his heliocentric ideas, declaring the immobility of the sun to be "absurd in philosophy and formally heretical", and the mobility of the earth "to be at least erroneous in faith";

Fuck this...
can we get a Atheist in the White House please?
(I know the answer is no but ommon)
when will todays religions go the way of ancient religions?
I mean come on,
Its obvious that the current religions were dreamed up not that long ago, seeing as the people before
had a different belief set and they did pretty well for themselves...
Maybe life was better under Odin and Zeus...
the fact of the matter is religion has no place being involved in the ruling of the nations of the world...
look at the middle east,
a girl was stoned to death for loving a man of a different sect, by her OWN FUCKING FAMILY AND THE POLICE!
The stories coming out of Afganastan of children and women starving to death because they werent allowed to leave the house or have money without there husbands (who were killed or arrested during the conflicts), and the one sad story of the one womand who couldnt take it anymore and ventured out to get food and was given bread by a man who felt pity only to have the both caught, the woman stoned and the mand had his hands removed.
or How about Christianity being used to show how its ok to enslave many africans because the were "souless subhumans who needed to be brought into the light of god"...
fire away at me,
tell me I am wrong and that god is merciful and just and blah blah blah
to that I say
"Until there is proof of the existence of god I will go the way of deep agnostic belief....and remember, its not for me to disprove his existance, the job is yours to PROVE it."

Living la vida loca!

Ok I have been super busy doing other things and I have neglected my blog so lets get up to date:
My Xbox360 died again....blah!
I returned it yesterday and got the new one with the HDMI out, which means it has the updated new and improved
heatsink (its a rev b 360)
My Ps3 is getting lots of attention latley as more games come out that I want to play and my netflix blu ray rentals show up,
but theres one thing missing from my PS3 life ONLINE GAMING, I am about to be reduced to playing with strangers if my friends dont get on the horse, sigh....
oh big big announcement
So now i can really say with my full belief behind it,
the wii is not meant for gaming by me...its more of a distraction with its kid friendly games.
as if by some wonderful magic
while the kids were playing wii bowling and I was watching thier grandma came into the room and engaged in wii bowl!
I look at my wife and said "See I told you!"
(I have been saying the wii is for kids under 16 and Grand Parents!)
I am now on the lookout for something for the Gamer Demographic (boys 16-38 i think)
I have also been having lots of sex (had to include that do to previous post)

So there you have it,
I AM BACK! more to follow.....